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Important Changes to Google SafeSearch
Posted by Dan Schuler on 03 June 2015 02:59 PM

Google has announced that it will be making some changes to its SafeSearch feature. Currently, when the “Safe Search Enforcement” box is checked on your Cipafilter, searches are sent to a non-SSL version of Google. This allows your Cipafilter to log search terms, as well as to enforce SafeSearch and perform additional filtering through our Enhanced Safe Search features. Due to abuse by external parties, Google will no longer be supporting non-SSL searches and will soon allow only SSL connections.

What this means for you:

Recent versions of Cipafilter firmware will still be able to enforce Google SafeSearch. However, unless SSL Decryption is enabled, Google’s changes will prevent your Cipafilter from either logging searches or using our Enhanced Safe Search features.

Firmware versions supporting this change:

  • 8.6.3 and newer
  • 8.4.7 and newer


If your Cipafilter is on firmware older than the versions listed above, or if you have any additional questions about Google SafeSearch, please contact the Technical Support team at

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8.6.6 Released
Posted by Chris Cooper on 20 March 2015 03:32 PM

A new build of 8.6 is now available.

Version 8.6.6 - Friday, March 20, 2015

  • New Feature: 0007324: Significantly improved the memory profile of the content filter.
  • 0007415: Increased the default DHCP lease time to 10 days.
  • 0007405: Corrected a minor typo in the portal SSL guide.
  • 0007237: Corrected an issue with DNS resolution which could lead to premature hot-spare fail-over.
  • New Feature: 0006599: Added a virus detection report to the beta web reporting feature.
  • 0007325: Google OAuth directory authentication now excludes group members whose e-mail addresses are not on the configured Google Apps domain.
  • 0007415: Added place-holders showing the default values on the DHCP Server page's Advanced Configuration tab.
  • 0007396: Corrected a minor file-handling issue on the Log Viewer page.
  • 0007475: Updated Web-interface and portal SSL configuration to mitigate 'FREAK' vulnerability (CVE-2015-0204).
  • New Feature: 0007429: Added Enhanced Safe Search and logging support for Wikipedia, Tumblr, Imgur, and (partially) Pinterest.
  • 0007511: Updated software packages to mitigate several minor OpenSSL vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-0209, et al.)
  • 0007479: The Web-interface news feed now includes blog entries from the Cipafilter website.
  • 0007422: The main Web-interface header now links to the Status page.
  • 0007186: Improved the performance of regular-expression matching in the content filter.
  • 0007344: Improved handling of access tokens for the Google OAuth directory back-end.
  • New Feature: 0007429: Added full Safe Search Enforcement and logging support for Flickr.
  • 0007444: Corrected an issue with IPv6 automatic address assignment which could interfere with DNS resolution and mail delivery.
  • 0007324: Decryption connections between clients...
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Introduction to Cipafilter 8.6
Posted by Chris Cooper on 17 February 2015 04:38 PM

Can't see the video? Click Here.

Cipafilter is proud to introduce the latest version of our firmware, 8.6. This release is focused on numerous enhancements that are the direct result of customer feedback. This firmware makes Cipafilter one of the most versatile solutions for Chromebooks and other wireless devices on your network. It also features improvements to troubleshooting tools, log access, and much more! View our 8.6 Feature List here

Enhanced Chromebook Experience

Cipafilter goes the extra mile to make your Chromebook experience easy and painless. Special compatibility options make it a snap to register and authenticate your Chromebooks from behind the content filter. In addition, our Chrome authentication client is a breeze to distribute to your managed Chrome devices via the Google Admin Console, giving you a quick and easy way to tie your devices into your directory service for accountability.

Remote Filter with Clientless Sign On Options

Filtering your device off-site has become even easier. We have added more options to authenticate your mobile and 1-to-1 devices. Prompt  your users with our portal page over proxy settings, have them log in utilizing our new single sign-on option, or even use Google’s front-end to authenticate your users!

Better Tools and Reliability

Customers can now view more logs from the interface. We give you peace of mind with our new troubleshooting tools and hot spare functionality, allowing you to know exactly what your filter is doing and keep you online 24/7.

Customized Anti-Spam

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