Info - Providing Access to the Cipafilter for the Support Team

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If the Cipafilter is installed behind an existing firewall, access to the Cipafilter will need to be provided for our support team.  



In the firewall:

  1. Allow TCP port 22 (SSH), TCP port 443 (HTTPS), and TCP port 6226 (web proxy) inbound from the following Cipafilter subnets to the Cipafilter:
    1. - Primary Subnet
    2. - Secondary Subnet
    3. - Tertiary Subnet
  2. If user devices will be filtered when off-site, please allow TCP port 6226 (web proxy) to be accessed from the world.  This is the default proxy port used for remote filtering.
  3. Configure a port forward from a public IP address to the private IP address of the Cipafilter using the previously specified ports.
  4. Please allow all outbound traffic from the Cipafilter.
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