Introducing Cipafilter 12.2

We are excited to announce the release of our 12.2 firmware. Version 12.2 has a lot of quality of life features and a slew of updates! See below for a summary of the features and fixes.


New Features Summary

Updated Application and Bandwidth Control - The selection of applications and protocols has increased, and application detection has improved.

SNMP contact and location fields - Contact and location information reported by the filter through SNMP are now configurable.

Granular Temporary Allowlist permissions - The Temporary Allowlist group permission has been broken up into more granular settings to allow administrators to control whether users can override malware, pornography, and proxy blocks.

DHCP host names in reporting - When hostnames are not provided by the Cipafilter client software, the filter now tries to use DHCP device names if available.

From: display name in e-mail notifications - The display name used in the From field for e-mail notifications can now be configured separately from the address.


Fixes Summary

ClamAV - Fixed an issue with ClamAV being unable to download correctly from its repository and prompting the user with an error.

Portal: Multiple OAuth domains - Updated the portal authentication method to better handle Google OAuth with multiple domains.


Schedule your upgrade

Give us a call at 309.517.2022, and use option #2 to set an appointment for a firmware upgrade.


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