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How To - Block Yik Yak
Posted by , Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 21 July 2017 03:59 PM

Yik Yak (YikYak) is a communication application that allows users to post anonymous short messages that are visible to the 500 nearest users of the application. Users can view and respond to messages anonymously. The app has generated a lot of attention in the press owing to concerns about the app being used as a vector for bullying or maligning others.



On Cipafilter firmware versions 8.4 and above, Yik Yak is already included in the "Chat" blacklist. On earlier versions of firmware, Yik Yak can be blocked by blacklisting the following domains:



It is important to note that traffic is encrypted, so it will be necessary either to filter subnet groups with the "Yes + SSL" transparent filtering option or to enable SSL decryption.

Yik Yak appears to be taking measures to detect when networks are sitting behind content filters and blocking the app for users connecting from such networks. It is still recommended that be explicitly blacklisted, however. Please note that this will only prevent access when the user device is connected to the organization network. There is no way to prevent use of the app over a mobile carrier's network.

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