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YouTube For Schools & Chromebooks
Posted by , Last modified by on 27 March 2014 04:14 PM

Google Chromebooks have begun using the SPDY protocol to provide faster access to certain web services, including those hosted by Google. SPDY protocol is an open networking protocol developed at Google that modifies the way HTTP requests and responses are sent in order to achieve reduced web page load latency and to improve connection security. The SPDY protocol requires the use of SSL/TLS, and enables multiple connections to pass over the same SSL session. Because SPDY interleaves requests on a single TCP connection and uses fewer, more densely packed packets, it achieves much higher efficiency.

SPDY protocol introduces higher efficiency at the cost of no longer being able to reliably differentiate traffic passed over those SSL sessions. YouTube for Schools is one Google service being impacted by the use of SPDY protocol.

To get around this and enable YouTube for Schools to work properly, you can add to the URL blocks on the Chrome Management Console.


Chrome Management Console

  1. Log into the Chrome Management Console.
  2. Navigate to Device Management.
  3. Click on Chrome.
  4. Click on User Settings.
  5. Select your organization to block a URL.
  6. Navigate to URL Blocking.
  7. Add to the URL Blacklist.


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