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How To - Allow Google Hangouts
Posted by , Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 21 July 2017 03:59 PM

Google Hangouts, successor to Google's Talk and Google+ Messenger services, has become an extremely popular instant messaging and video chat platform that allows users to easily conference with multiple users. Chat histories can be archived online, allowing for sychronization among multiple devices. Unlike Google Talk, which relied on XMPP, Google Hangouts uses a proprietary protocol to transmit data. Because of this, Google Hangouts cannot be integrated with third-party clients.


Using Google Hangouts with a Firewall

If you are using the Cipafilter's Firewall in "Drop Mode," it may be necessary to create rules to allow Google Hangout traffic to traverse the network. If you are using a device that is Disabled in Content Filtering, you will need to add rules to explicitly allow TCP and UDP traffic on ports 80 and 443. If your device is being filtered by the Cipafilter Content Filter, rules for ports 80 and 443 are unnecessary in the firewall. However, Google provides the following ports that may need to be opened for Google Hangouts:

  • Accept UDP connections from your network or device IP to (anywhere) on ports 19302 through 19309 (19302:19309).
  • Accept TCP connections from your network or device IP to (anywhere) on ports 19305 through 19309 (19305:19309).


Google provides additional information at: Optimize your network for Hangouts

For more information about adding rules to your Cipafilter Firewall, please see: Configuring the Cipafilter Firewall

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