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Skype - Troubleshooting Connection through Drop Mode Firewall
Posted by , Last modified by on 22 May 2014 01:21 PM

If you are experiencing connectivity issues through Skype, it may first be necessary to whitelist the following domains:


If your CIPAFilter firewall is set to "Drop Mode," it is likely that you will encounter issues with Skype. If the client device is one that does not allow ports to be specified for certain purposes, such as an iPad, it will be necessary to create Accept rules in the firewall.

For sign-in, "Accept" rules will need to be added for outgoing connections for TCP and UDP on ports 33033 and 40000:40050. In order to actually establish and accept an inital contact request, it may be necessary to completely open all ports for the devices involved. After the initial contact request is accepted, you should be able to disable the "Accept All" rules and maintain your connection.

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