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How To - Block Spotify
Posted by , Last modified by Nick Kapua on 09 February 2018 12:36 PM

Spotify is a music streaming service. There is a website version that can stream live as well as a desktop version that must be installed before it can be used. 


Blocking Spotify

In order to block the web player, you will simply need to add and to the blacklist of the user group for which you would like to block it.

If your users have installed the desktop app version of Spotify and you would like to block that, you will need to add firewall rules to drop traffic to the following IP ranges: (new)

The completed rules should be entered like the following.


Spotify Firewall Rules


Quick Note:  Spotify uses TCP, port 4070


This information was updated for Spotify version

Information gathered from:!/article/Office-firewall

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