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How To - Block Viber
Posted by Jesse Cross, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 21 July 2017 04:00 PM

Viber is an app for Android and iOS that offers text and VOIP chat.


How to Block Viber

Viber makes use of some impressive redundancy in their server hosting, so this application can not be simply blocked by adding firewall rules as it would end up blocking huge chunks of Amazon's AWS/EC2 services and therefore break a lot of websites and applications you may be using. To get around this we can use SSL Decryption to look at the encrypted traffic.

SSL Decryption

To enable you will go to the "Content Filtering" page under the "Internet Filtering" category. Then you will go to the "SSL Decryption" page on the "Content Filtering" page.

If you have not already generated a SSL certificate for the filter you will want to fill out the information and generate it. You will then check the "Turn on SSL Decryption" box.

The certificate will then need to be pushed out to your devices via something like GPO with AD, or manually installed on the devices. Here is a knowledge base article describing how to do this.


You will want to block the following pages in the specific groups blacklist or in the global blacklist.


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