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How To - GP5 / Potter's School - Unable to Connect
Posted by , Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 21 July 2017 04:03 PM

GP5 is the client for the Potter's School TutorPlace, StudyPlace and GatherPlace applications. You will likely run into some connectivity issues if you are trying to use this program behind the Cipafilter. 

One of the primary causes for this issue is that GP5 passes non SSL traffic over port 443. The Cipafilter sees this as a threat because this a technique employed by many proxies and other programs used to bypass content filters. In order to allow GP5 to connect, you will need to create Transparent Proxy Exceptions for the subnets used by GP5. You may also need to open ports in your firewall.


Transparent Proxy Exceptions

To add Transparent Proxy Exceptions to your Cipafilter, navigate to the Advanced Configuration tab of Internet Filtering -> Content Filtering, and click the "Add Exception" button. Fill in the subnet that is to bypass filtering. For GP5 / Potter's School, you will need to add four such exceptions for the following subnets: 


The image below indicates how these addresses should appear in "Manage Exceptions." To apply these changes, simply hit the "Submit" button to return to the Content Filtering page and then hit "Save and Apply."


Firewall Changes

GP5 / Potter's School also connects over a variety of ports so you may run into additional connectivity issues if you are using a drop mode firewall. 

The primary IP addresses that GP5 / Potter's School connects to are:


You should set your firewall action to "Accept" for all protocols and all ports on connections from your internal subnets to these two public IP addresses.

The image below indicates how these addresses should be entered in "Stateful Firewall." To apply these changes, simply hit the "Save and Apply" button. Please note that is used in this example, this should be replaced by your internal subnet.



For more information from the makers of GP5 / Potter's School, please refer to the Potter's School website.



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