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ACT Aspire
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ACT Aspire is an ACT testing program that is available on multiple platforms. In order for the ACT Aspire application to successfully establish a connection, several domains will need to be added to your Cipafilter's Super Whitelist.


Enabling ACT Aspire

To add entries to the Super Whitelist, you will need to navigate to the Global Configuration tab of the Group Permissions page on the Cipafilter web interface and press the Super Whitelist button to pull up the Super Whitelist page. Once there, you will want to enter the following domains to your Custom Super Whitelist:


If you are using Chromebooks, you will need to add the following to the Super Whitelist as well:



In addition to adding those entries to the Super Whitelist, you will need to add a couple of entries to your firewall if it is in "Drop" mode. Navigate to the Stateful Firewall page and click the blue "Insert New Rule" button. You will need to add rules to accept outbound traffic from your internal subnet to (anywhere) on TCP and UDP ports 4480 and 4481. For example, for a subnet, your rules should look like the following: 


Firewall Entries for ACT Aspire



*Please note that hosts a large variety of content which may not be suitable for your environment. When you are not testing, we recommend that you add a # in front of the entry to comment it out, or remove the entry entirely.


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