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Google Drive App - Using the Google Drive Desktop App with SSL Decryption
Posted by , Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 11 January 2016 10:29 AM

Because Google uses a wildcard certificate for its many domains and properties, it has not been possible to use certain Google applications that are not SNI-compatible (such as the Google Drive desktop app) while simultaneously blocking access to sites such as YouTube without implementing SSL Decryption on your Cipafilter.

Typically SSL Decryption allows the Cipafilter to intercept, decrypt, and filter traffic by using a custom self-signed certificate. However, the Google Drive desktop application employs certificate pinning to force the use of its own security certificate rather than the Cipafilter-generated certificate that is saved in a computer's certificate store. Because the Google Drive desktop app does not allow certificates to be added or modified, the app will not function in a standard SSL Decryption environment.

Google has provided the domain to allow the Google Drive desktop app to function in a standard SSL Decryption environment.  Simply add to the SSL Decryption Settings for the appropriate group(s) on the Group Permissions page to exempt this domain from SSL Decryption.  Once this is done, the Google Drive desktop app should function correctly.

* Please note that this only applies to the Google Drive desktop application. The web application is fully compatible with standard filtering.

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