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How To - Set Up PPTP VPN Using Windows 10
Posted by Dustin Hoeppner, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 21 July 2017 03:49 PM

In order to set up and connect to your network on Windows 10, please follow these instructions:


1. In your Windows Control Panel, select Network and Internet.



2. Then, select Network and Sharing Center.



3. From there, select Set up a new connection or network.



4. In the wizard that pops up, select Connect to a workplace.



5. Then, select Use my Internet Connection (VPN).



6. From here, enter the IP address or Domain of your VPN. Then, click Create.



7. Click your network connection in the system tray and select your newly created VPN Connection.



8. In the new window that pops up, click on your connection, and then click Connect.



9. A login window will appear, which is where you will enter your VPN Credentials.



10. You are now connected to your VPN and the connection should show Connected.




 network and internet.png (94.69 KB)
 network and sharing center.png (48.00 KB)
 set up a new connection.png (45.11 KB)
 connect to a workplace.png (26.89 KB)
 use my internet connection.png (33.29 KB)
 enter ip address.png (11.83 KB)
 click vpn connection.png (22.59 KB)
 click connect.png (25.65 KB)
 enter your credentials.png (6.43 KB)
 you are connected.png (25.51 KB)
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