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Custom Reports - Top Type of Block
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Clayton Spencer on 10 January 2019 11:39 AM

This article is applicable to users on versions 9.0 firmware and above.


  We would like an automatic report run daily listing the ranking of violation types for the day. Custom Reports are created on the Notifications page and can be automatically dispatched on either a daily or weekly basis.


  1. On the Notifications page, select Add Report at the bottom of the page.

    An Add Custom Report window should be displayed.

    Add custom report window

  2. Enter the name of the report:  Top Type of Block for the Day.

  3. Enter the description of the report:  Ranking of Violation Types for the Day.

  4. Enter the following text for the report:


        COUNT(comment) AS "Number of Blocks", comment AS "Block Type"
        log_raw_special AS a, comments AS b
        A.commentid = b.commentid
        AND timestamp > NOW() - INTERVAL '1 day'
        AND (a.status = 2 OR a.status = 4)
        "Number of Blocks" DESC

    Top type of block for the day report window

  5. Click the Add Report button in the edit window to save the report.

  6. To dispatch this report:

    1. Select the appropriate e-mail address in the E-mail Addresses section of the page, and

      E-mail address section

    2. Select the Daily option for this report in the Report Notifications section of the page.

      Report notifications section

Daily reports are dispatched Monday through Friday at 6 PM.  Weekly reports are dispatched Monday at 12:01 AM.


This report is specified as a daily report.  If you would like to utilize this report as a weekly report make the following changes:

  1. In the text of the report, change INTERVAL '1 day' to INTERVAL '1 week', and

  2. Select the Weekly option for this report in the Report Notifications section of the page.

 addcustomreportwindow.png (12.19 KB)
 toptypeofblockforthedayreportwindow.png (21.19 KB)
 e-mailaddressessection.png (14.36 KB)
 reportnotificationssection.png (54.63 KB)
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