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New Unit Configuration - I bought a new Cipafilter to replace my old Cipafilter
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Clayton Spencer on 23 February 2018 03:43 PM

You can easily copy the configuration of an existing Cipafilter appliance to a new Cipafilter.  The following steps are your guide:


  1. Config Backup/Restore - Download configuration from existing Cipafilter.

    1. Navigate to the Config Save/Restore page.

    2. Select Download Configuration and save the configuration file.

  2. Configure network settings - Configure temporary network settings on the new Cipafilter to allow network access via connection to an internal switch port.

    1. Connect a keyboard and monitor to the Cipafilter.

    2. Power on the Cipafilter.

    3. After a few seconds you will see a boot menu followed by a lot of information scrolling on the screen.  When you see this, continue with the next step.

    4. Press <ALT><F2>.

    5. The Cipafilter should display “Press Enter to begin terminal”.

    6. Press <ENTER>.

    7. Enter setip and press <ENTER>.  The following will be displayed.

      setip image

    8. Configure a DNS server, the default gateway, and a valid, temporary IP for your network.


      1. The Cipafilter is in bridging mode.  Any configured IPs will appear on all Ethernet interfaces of the unit.

      2. The Cipafilter does not utilize the management port.

      3. Please ensure that the pre-configured IP addresses do not cause any address conflicts on your network.  To “remove” a pre-configured IP, simply change it to as shown on eth2 and eth3.

    9. Save and apply changes and exit the setip utility.

    10. At this point, you should be able to connect the new Cipafilter to your network.  The Cipafilter should respond to ping.

  3. Access the Cipafilter Management Interface - a web browser based GUI.

    1. In a web browser, use HTTPS to access the Cipafilter via the temporary IP address that you configured above (

    2. The username is root.

    3. The password is derby.

  4. Config Backup/Restore - Upload configuration saved in step 1.

    1. Navigate to the Config Save/Restore page.

    2. Select Upload Configuration and select the configuration file saved in step 1.

    3. Shutdown the unit.

  5. Put the New Unit Online

    1. Move cables from the existing unit to the new unit.

    2. Power on the new unit.

 setip - hardware.png (8.10 KB)
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