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Permissions Scheduling - how to change filtering permissions based on time of day
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 29 August 2016 10:10 AM

Permissions Scheduling can be used to alter filtering permissions for a filtering group or a subnet based up time of day.

If a group is mapped to another group, all users in the first group will be treated as members of the second group during the times of day specified by the rule.

If a subnet is mapped to a group, all users on that subnet will be treated as members of the group during the times of day specified in the rule.

Permissions Scheduling Rules

Permissions Scheduling rules can be a bit confusing when creating them for the first time.  So, first, we will break down the components of a rule.  Each field in the rule is color-coded in the following example to illustrate the placement of the rule components in relation to the descriptions in the header row.

 Permissions Scheduling Rule Components

  • Comment can be used to document the purpose of the rule.
  • Start and Stop are the starting and ending times for the rule specified using a 24 hour clock.
  • Map Group or Subnet specifies either the group or subnet for which we wish to change permissions.
  • To Group specifies the effective group (new permissions) for the mapped group or subnet.
  • Invert is a logical NOT.  So, for example, the Start and Stop times in a rule can be specified as the normal school day.  Using Invert will cause the rule to be effective any time other than the normal school day.
  • The days of the week are selected using the check boxes highlighted in yellow.
  • Disable can be used to temporarily disable the rule.

How to change filtering for a group

To change filtering for a group, first you must define what the new permissions will be.  To do so, go to the Group Permissions page and select the Group Management tab.  Using the copy button Copy Icon, copy the existing group to a new group.  Now, go back to the Group Configuration tab and alter the permissions for the new group.

Please note: Do not create the new group in your LDAP directory.

Next, go to the Permissions Scheduling page and create an appropriate rule.  In the following example, we are changing the student filtering permissions after school.

Example of changing a group's permissions

In the rule above, we selected the Invert checkbox (the first checkbox) which is a logical NOT. The Start and Stop times are specified as the school day starting and ending times. When configured in this manner, the rule will give the group members their after hours permissions anytime other than the school day (evenings and weekends).

How to change filtering for a subnet

To change filtering for a subnet, simply specify the Start and Stop times, the days of the week, the Mapped Subnet, and the To Group.

In the following example, a subnet is disabled during the school day.

 Example of changing a subnet's permissions

Active Schedule Mappings

When Permissions Scheduling rules are in effect, information will be displayed in the Active Schedule Mappings section of the page.

 Active Schedule Mappings

 permissionsschedulinghighlighted.png (55.13 KB)
 permissionsschedulingstudentafterhoursexample.png (42.55 KB)
 permissionsschedulingsubnetexample.png (42.18 KB)
 permissionsschedulingactiveschedulemappings.png (15.32 KB)
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