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How To - Use Filters and Exclusion Filters in Internet Reports
Posted by Dustin Hoeppner, Last modified by Jose Urquiza on 29 June 2017 01:48 PM

When viewing reports, filters can be used to more precisely display information pertinent to the issue at hand.  Filters can be created either manually using the Add Filter button or by clicking on an item of interest in a displayed report.


For example, the Forensics report displays a large amount of data.  The use of filters can reduce the clutter.  Click on fields in the report rows to narrow your search.  To narrow the results to a specific IP address, click on the IP Address.



Exclusion filters can be used to exclude information from the displayed report.  An exclusion filter can be created by holding down the <SHIFT> key while clicking on an item in the report.  An exclusion filter will display in the filter list in black and narrows the results to everything except the item that was specified.



By selecting the InSite™ report, the report can be narrowed further.  The InSite™ report displays a clean, presentable report containing the titles of the pages that were visited by the user.  This is the type of information that is easily understandable by an administrator, counselor, or parent.



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Gary Knebel
02 November 2016 01:02 PM
The InSite and Negative Filters are 2 VERY BIG improvements to give me the "pretty" reports to show to people above me that they understand without all of the white noise that is confusing to them.

Gary Knebel
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