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How To - Upload the SSL Certificate to the Google Admin Console
Posted by Nick Kapua, Last modified by Jose Urquiza on 29 June 2017 01:51 PM

Notes:  Regardless of which deployment method you choose, all browsers must have the certificate installed for SSL inspection to work properly. It is important to know that filtering will still occur even without the certificate deployed, but users will receive certificate warnings in their browser for HTTPS sites that Cipafilter provides SSL inspection (, for example).  

To get the SSL certificate from the Cipafilter uploaded to the Google Admin Console, it will first need to be downloaded.  This can be done by opening a web browser and navigating to  Here you will see the blue 'Download Certificate' button.  You will want to click this button and save the certificate somewhere you will be able to easily find it.  There is no need to worry about what walkthrough the site may direct you to as every walkthrough has the exact same certificate to download.

Once you have done this, just follow the steps below to get the certificate uploaded to the Google Admin Console!


1. Sign in to your Google Admin Console and, from the home page, select 'Device management'



2. From here you will want to select 'Network', it should be located towards the left side of the screen



3. On the 'Networks' page, you will want to select 'Certificates'



4. Click 'ADD CERTIFICATE', then navigate to the the SSL certificate you downloaded from earlier and select it



5. Once you have selected the Certificate, you will want to checkmark the box labeled "Use this certificate as an HTTPS Certificate Authority"



Once you have done all of this, click 'SAVE' and done!

The SSL certificate can take up to a full 24 hours before being available to Chromebooks and will only be installed to the local users profiles as they access the Chromebook.

 1. sign in to your google admin console and select device management.png (47.75 KB)
 2. from here, you will want to select network.png (38.01 KB)
 3. once one the network screen, you will want to select certificates.png (34.75 KB)
 4. click add certificate.png (7.99 KB)
 5. select the cipafilter ssl cert and check the cert authority box.png (41.65 KB)
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