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How To - Bypass Captive Portal on iOS using Apple Configurator
Posted by Dustin Hoeppner, Last modified by Jose Urquiza on 29 June 2017 01:51 PM

Sometimes public locations have their own captive portal. On devices that you have enforced proxy settings, that creates a dilemma since the device can't get to the internet until it authenticates to the captive portal, but it can't see the portal since it's going out over proxy.


Fortunately, Apple has included a setting in the free Configurator app to bypass the proxy settings temporarily while you attempt to authenticate to the captive portal.


To take advantage of this, you will want to first start by opening Apple Configurator. You can download it for free from the Mac App Store if you haven't already. You can find that link here.


Skip ahead using the following links:

Creating a New Profile

Preparing iPads

Adding Profiles to iPads


Creating a New Profile


1. Go to File > New Profile


2. Make sure you include the certificate downloaded here.


3. Then add Proxy Settings under Global HTTP Proxy.

Select Manual Proxy Type, add the proxy address and port, then make sure the box Allow bypassing proxy to access captive networks is checked.



4. Exit out, or click the arrow next to the window title to name and save the profile.




Preparing iPads


Next you will want to prepare your iPads and make them Supervised so they accept the profile.

If you have already prepared your iPads so they are Supervised, click here to skip to Adding Profiles to iPads.


5. Click on the iPad you are preparing and click Prepare up top.


Select Manual Configuration and click Next.


6. Here you can select to enroll in an MDM server if you have one. If not, select Do not enroll in MDM and click Next.


7. Make sure Supervise devices is checked. This allows you to upload profiles to the iPads and allows the option for them to not be removed. Then click Next.


8. Select New organization... if you haven't created one yet and click Next.


9. Fill out your information and click Next.


10. Again, if you haven't been through the configurator, select Generate a new supervision identity and click Next.


11. The Configurator will now prepare the iPad(s).


If the iPad(s) have already been prepared, you will need to Erase.



Adding Profiles to iPads


12. To add the Profile, select the iPad(s) assuring they are under the Supervised section, and click Add then Profiles.


13. Select the Profile you created earlier and click Add.


14. It should now add the profile.




Once the profiles are loaded, the iPads should be able to connect to the internet at a location with a captive portal, be able to authenticate to that portal, and then be proxied to the Cipafilter.



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