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Weak Signature Algorithm Errors in Chrome
Posted by David Cross, Last modified by Landon Ritchie on 16 February 2018 12:25 PM

Notes: On November 16, 2016, The Google Security Blog indicated that support for the SHA-1 cryptographic hash algorithm would be removed from Chrome browser 56 and above.


Users connecting to the Authentication Web Portal on the Cipafilter with Chrome browser version 56 or above that have SHA-1 certificate will see a warning in their browser indicating "Your connection is not private" and "You attempted to reach a site but the server presented a certificate signed by a weak signature algorithm (such as SHA-1)". Navigating to the portal with other browsers, however, should still work.

To confirm this issue, check to see what version of Chrome browser is running by navigating in the Chrome browser to chrome://version and checking to see if it is version 56 or above.

Then, check to see if a custom portal certificate is in use by navigating to Cipafilter Web Interface > Web Filtering page > SSL Decryption tab. Check to see if the "Use custom certificate for portal" checkbox has been selected.

If this checkbox is selected on your filter, check the Current Portal Certificate section further down the page for the line reading "Signature Algorithm" and see if it reads "sha1WithRSAEncryption".


If it does, it will be necessary to contact your Certificate Authority and request your certificate be reissued with the SHA-2 algorithm. You can find your Certificate Authority by looking in the Current Portal Certificate section for the line reading "Issuer".

Otherwise, if this custom portal certificate has not been enabled, contact Technical Support at, or by navigating to, or by calling 1-800-243-3729 Ext. 300 and indicate that Chrome shows errors that the Web Authentication Portal is not secure.

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