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How To - Update Cipafilter Firmware from the Web Interface
Posted by Dustin Hoeppner, Last modified by Clayton Spencer on 24 August 2018 03:38 PM
This KB is applicable to users on 9.0 and above.


When signing into your Cipafilter interface, you may notice an alert telling you that your firmware version is out of date. You can click the link in that message to be taken to the Firmware Updates page where you can perform the following steps.  If you click this link, you can skip step one below.


Step 1.  Using the Cipafilter menu, navigate to the Firmware Updates page, located under Miscellaneous.  

Note: On the Firmware Updates page, you will see what version you are on, what version you were on, and what version you can go to. You can also view your current change notes and the change notes of the next version. You will only be able to upgrade yourself to the latest version on your firmware line. To upgrade to a later firmware line, please contact Support.

Step 2.  In the middle of the page, you can enroll in Automatic Updates, choosing what type of updates you want, whether you want every update that is released, or just major stable versions.

Note: Selecting 'Latest Stable Firmware' will upgrade firmware to the latest firmware line.

Step 3.  Navigate to the bottom of the page.  To upgrade to the latest version of firmware when one is available, click Firmware Upgrade.

Step 4. You will be notified that you will be upgrading to the latest version. Click OK to start the upgrade.

Note:The Cipafilter will reboot at the end of the upgrade which will cause a brief Internet outage.  You may want to postpone the firmware upgrade until after production hours, if uptime is important.

Note: You will see the firmware upgrade go through a few phases and then the filter will reboot. Stay on this page until it notifies you that it's completed.

Note: Once the message tells you that the upgrade is complete, you are done and free to use the Cipafilter again.

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