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How To - Update Recovery Partition
Posted by Dustin Hoeppner, Last modified by Jose Urquiza on 29 June 2017 01:52 PM
Update Recovery Partition(s) backs up the settings on the Cipafilter for use in the event of an emergency. This process copies the configuration saved on the boot device, either the USB thumb drive or compact flash card depending upon hardware model, to the hard drive(s).  The recovery partition(s) can be used to boot the Cipafilter, if the boot device fails or experiences some other failure causing the system to not be accessible.

Access the Config Save/Restore page on the Cipafilter menu.

1. Click Go next to Update Recovery Partition(s).

2. Click OK on the dialog box.

3. When the update finishes, the loading box will disappear and a green message box will appear briefly indicating that the update has completed.

In case of emergency, to boot off the recovery partition(s), do the following:

     1. Power down the Cipafilter
     2. Remove the USB drive
     3. Power back on the Cipafilter

The Cipafilter will boot with the configuration and firmware saved the last time the recovery partition(s) were updated.

Note: It is advised to run Update Recovery Partition(s) quarterly, as well as before firmware upgrades, and large network changes.

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