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Cipafilter Documentation - Introduction
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 06 April 2017 12:01 PM

Cipafilter is a powerful routing platform capable of delivering an evolving tool set to protect your enterprise. Cipafilter's philosophy is to provide a cutting edge, well rounded, and aggressive network control solution to meet your current and future needs, to commit to keeping your platform up to date, and to provide support far above and beyond simple problem solving. We believe our philosophy is what sets our product firmly apart from our competitors. Our technicians will talk you through installation every step of the way. We will advise you as to which features are a good fit for your organization and help you implement them. We will protect your return on investment by assuring that you can always easily upgrade to our latest software, often at no cost. And of course, we will help you solve any problems you encounter with our product, even when it's caused by a third-party agent, software package, or network problem.

Cipafilter is a powerful solution for many of your networking problems:

  • Our anti-virus systems will protect your network by scanning mail and Web protocols.

  • The content filter can block pornographic e-mail and Web browsing to provide a more professional environment for your students or employees.

  • SSL decryption provides enhanced filtering capabilities for HTTPS-secured browsing.

  • IPsec VPN tunneling can secure your data as it is transmitted between branch offices.

  • Download redirection can save your workstations from spyware.

  • Web-usage reporting, authentication, bandwidth reporting, and bandwidth control help you keep your employees on task and stop problems before they become serious.

  • Anti-spam systems can save you hours a day.

And, of course, Cipafilter provides all of the back-end tools you need to keep your network running smoothly, such as DHCP, dynamic and static routing, firewall, SMTP, and whitelisting/blacklisting.

This reference will provide the information necessary for an experienced network engineer to configure and operate these services. However, this manual is not intended to replace our excellent phone support. We will help you use our product every step of the way. Many customers never even log on to their router. Please feel free to call us at 1-800-24DERBY if you have any questions or need advice during the lifetime of your product. There is no need to try to install the device without our help if you don't feel comfortable with these instructions.

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