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Cipafilter Documentation - Customization
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 09 May 2017 05:19 PM

The Customization page provides the ability to customize the appearance and content of the portal and reject pages.

Note: Although it is not required, all of the text fields on this page accept raw HTML. Advanced users may wish to take advantage of this to add JavaScript or style sheets to the page, but even novice users can benefit from the text formatting options that HTML can provide. Please also note that entering any HTML at all into this field will put the resulting text into a raw "HTML display mode"; so, for example, if a bold (<b>) tag is added, you must also add paragraph (<p>) or line-break (<br />) tags to display paragraph breaks correctly.

Banner Image

The Banner Image is an image displayed in place of the Cipafilter logo on public-facing pages. The uploaded image should be in PNG format and should be designed to display cleanly at 96 pixels tall. If older browsers (Internet Explorer 8 or below) are used in your environment, it is probably best to ensure that the image is exactly 96 pixels in height. However, if these older browsers are not a concern, the image can be of any dimensions — it will be resized automatically. One benefit to using an image taller than 96 pixels is that it will look crisp on high-resolution mobile devices.

Authentication Notice

An Authentication Notice will be displayed on the portal whenever a user is required to log in. This is a brief disclaimer which informs users that they need to enter a user name and password, and instructs them to contact their network administrator if they require assistance. If your organization has a different process (for example, students must contact a particular teacher), you may wish to detail it here. If no text is defined, the Cipafilter default notice will appear on the portal; this should be sufficient for most organizations.

Acceptable Use Policy

If your organization has an acceptable use policy (AUP) or terms of service, the text can be entered into this field. When present, a box containing this text will appear on the portal. If no text is defined, nothing will be displayed in its place (there is no default).

SSL Decryption Notice

An SSL Decryption Notice will be displayed on the portal whenever a root certificate has been generated via the Web Filtering page. This is a brief disclaimer which alerts users that their secure (HTTPS) traffic may be subject to decryption. If this field is left blank, the Cipafilter default notice will appear on the portal; this should be sufficient for most organizations.

Reject Notice

The Reject Notice is a general-purpose text field for displaying on the filter reject page (displayed when a Web site has been blocked). This notice can be used for any purpose; some organizations may wish (for example) to include a link to request unblocking.

Additional Reject Options

By default, the filter reject page displays text and a button offering users the option to temporarily whitelist the blocked site via the Whitelist Management feature and/or to log in to the captive portal if they are not already authenticated. (Users must be authorized to access each feature and must always authenticate after clicking the button.) The checkboxes under this section can be used to enable/disable this functionality where applicable.

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