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Cipafilter Documentation - Config Save/Restore
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 06 April 2017 12:39 PM

This page allows you to download a copy of your Cipafilter's current configuration, to upload previously saved configuration data, or to revert to the factory default configuration.

Configuration files represent a snapshot of the Cipafilter's settings (essentially those options which can be changed from the Web interface). This includes all interface settings, firewall rules, portal customizations, group permissions, and mail settings. However, it does not include non-configuration information such as logs, reporting data, archived mail, and so on. If you would like to retrieve or restore copies of any such data, please contact tech support.

Please be aware that, although uploaded or reverted configuration data will appear on the Web interface immediately, the settings will (with a few exceptions) not actually take effect until the unit is rebooted or you press Save and Apply on each page where a change occurred. It is therefore recommended that you reboot the system following an import or factory revert.

Note: Your Cipafilter sends daily configuration back-ups to the Cipafilter Enterprise system, so it is not strictly necessary to maintain your own collection of configuration back-ups.

Warning: Configuration files downloaded from this page are not encrypted — it is therefore possible for anyone with a copy of the file to retrieve sensitive information such as the administrator password, LDAP authentication credentials, and the private key used to sign the portal and decrypted Web sites. Please secure any downloaded configuration data accordingly. (The back-ups sent to the Enterprise system are, however, encrypted prior to transmission.)

From this page it is also possible to update the unit's recovery partition. This copies the state of the unit's flash chip (where the primary copy of the operating system and its settings are maintained) to the recovery partition located on the hard drive. This provides a fall-back in case of a hardware failure or similar problem.

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