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Cipafilter Documentation - Log Viewer
Posted by Jim Giseburt, Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 06 April 2017 12:47 PM

The Log Viewer page provides a simple interface for viewing and searching the filter's internal log files. By default, this page displays the contents of syslog, the primary logging facility for the system. The drop-down at the top of the page contains a list of other log files, including those for mail, DHCP, content-filtering, authentication, and the portal.

Optionally, a search expression may be provided; in this case, the output will be restricted to lines matching the provided expression. Searching is performed based on the file drop-down selection; selecting the (all files) option will search all log files at once, while any other option will limit the search to the specified file.

By default, the search expression is case-insensitive but is otherwise treated as a literal sub-string — that is, the selected file(s) will be searched for the precise sequence of characters entered. To disable the case-insensitivity, check the Preserve case option. To perform a regular-expression search instead of a literal one, select Use regular expressions. Regular-expression searches use the extended GNU regex syntax (see also POSIX Regular Expressions).

Because each search is logged in the Web-server access logs, search results may become cluttered with redundant entries. To prevent this, these entries are stripped from the output by default. To disable this feature, select Don't filter Web-server access logs.

For performance reasons, log output (both when searching and when viewing) may be limited to the last several-thousand lines returned. Additionally, when performing an all-files search, an error may be returned if there are too many results. In either case, the page will indicate this above the result.

Log entries are printed one per line by default, so horizontal scrolling may be required to view a full line. To force each line to wrap around (eliminating horizontal scrolling), the Word wrap option can be checked below the results. This option does not persist across page loads.

Note: Please be aware that the results returned by this tool may be of a technical nature which might require advanced knowledge of the underlying components to interpret. Some proprietary log files were not originally intended for end-user viewing at all. This feature is provided for those administrators who wish to have more advanced self-troubleshooting capabilities; other customers may prefer instead to contact tech support for assistance.

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