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User Manager
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 11 April 2017 03:40 PM

The User Manager page allows you to add, remove, and configure user accounts used for proxy authentication and VPN services. It additionally provides configuration of a special account used for SSH console access.

Special users

Three special, non-removable accounts exist on all filters: root, admin, and and guest.

  • The root user has access to everything on the filters's Web management interface, as well as all reporting and e-mail pages. This user also has permanent access to the Whitelist Management system (even if the Cipafilter User Manager authentication method is disabled).

  • The guest user can access only the Status page, reporting systems, e-mail statistics, and this manual.

  • The admin user can access everything guest can, plus E-mail Archive, Group Permissions, Network Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting.

User Accounts

User Manager accounts are added, removed, and configured from this tab. Each account can have a password and default group membership set here; in addition, regular users can also be configured for PPTP VPN access (the three special users described above are never allowed VPN access). To configure PPTP, please refer to the VPN page.

PPTP and (as described above) Web-management access settings configured via this page are always in effect. Authentication to the proxy server (including the captive portal) and Whitelist Management system are not permitted unless Cipafilter User Manager authentication method is enabled on the Content Filtering page (with the exceptions described above).

Note: The Cipafilter User Manager is designed to manage a small number of users, primarily those meant for VPN and Web-interface access — it is not intended to replace a directory service. A maximum of 2000 total user accounts is supported, and interface performance degradation may occur as this limit is approached. Customers with more than a handful of accounts are strongly encouraged to implement a full directory service (such as Microsoft Active Directory).

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