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iOS - SSL Certificate Installation
Posted by , Last modified by Jim Giseburt on 13 December 2017 02:45 PM

This network employs a technology called SSL filtering which allows your network's administrators to filter out harmful or inappropriate Web content such as viruses and pornography. In order for this technology to work effectively, the network's filtering unit must issue to your computer or mobile device a file called an SSL certificate.

This guide will help you install the SSL filtering certificate for Apple mobile devices, including the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.


Step 1

Visit your domain's portal page to download a certificate. By default, this is  Click the Download Certificate button; this will download the certificate file to a temporary location on your device.


A window will pop up warning you about the site trying to open a configuration file. Tap to allow this.


Step 2


A screen will appear called Install Profile. It will indicate that the profile (certificate) is Not Trusted; to trust it, tap the Install button.

Note: These images show iOS 11 running on an iPhone 7; if you have an iPad, or a different version of iOS, the layout and buttons may be different — but the words should be the same.


Step 3


If you have a passcode set, you may be required to enter it. If you don't have one set, you may be prompted to create one, depending on your device configuration.


Step 4


Next, you will be presented with a warning about the unverified authenticity of the profile. You may read over this if you like; otherwise, tap Install again (in the top-right corner).


Step 5


You will see a confirmation that the profile has been installed, and that the certificate is now Trusted. Simply tap the Done button in the top-right corner.


Step 6

The final step is to navigate to Settings > General > About > Certificate Trust Settings and switch on the certificate that you just installed.

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