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Dragon Dictation is Unable to Connect (iPad)
Posted by Chris Cooper, Last modified by Jose Urquiza on 20 May 2017 08:20 PM

Apple Dragon Dictation, popular with users of the Apple iPad, is currently incompatible with the CIPAFilter. Nuance Mobility has noted that Dragon Dictation will not work with proxy servers and does not use the HTTPS protocol despite utilizing port 443. Consequently, exceptions must be made in the CIPAFilter in order to allow Dragon Dictation to function properly.

If your users require Dragon Dictation, you will need to perform the following steps, depending on your network setup: 

For Transparent Filtering

If users are being transparently filtered by the CIPAFilter, navigate to the Content Filtering page of Internet Filtering and locate the "Manage Exceptions" button. It will be under either the Basic Configuration or the Advanced Configuration tab, depending on the version of CIPAFilter firmware you are running.

To begin adding transparent proxy exceptions, click the "Add Exception" button and fill in the subnet that is to bypass filtering. For Dragon Dictation, you will need to create five such exceptions for the following subnets: 


The image below indicates how these addresses should be intered in "Manage Exceptions." To apply these changes, simply hit the "Submit" button to return to the Content Filtering page and then hit "Save and Apply."

Dragon Dictation Transparent Proxy Managed Exceptions 

For Proxy Filtering

If your users are being filtered via proxy settings, you will need to add and to the list of proxy exceptions in your browser's manual/advanced proxy server configuration settings. The IP addresses associated with the Dragon Dictation service are,, and These should also be added to ensure functionality.

It is not currently possible to add manual proxy exceptions to a device utilizing iOS.


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