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How To - Run Manual Database Maintenance
Posted by , Last modified by Clayton Spencer on 10 January 2019 12:00 PM

This KB is relevant to users on versions 9.0 and above.


Backing up the Cipafilter database is very easy. It is important that you regularly back your data up, especially if you are performing email archiving. You should also back up your database and verify its integrity prior to performing any firmware upgrade. For more information about the information stored in the Cipafilter's database and managing your database, please see the Database Maintenance page.


To manually back up your database, navigate to the Database Maintenance page under Utilities on the Cipafilter web interface.

Utilities -> Database Maintenance


To begin the database backup process, simply click the green "Start Run" button. If you have configured your Cipafilter to automatically push database backups to a remote share, the manual database backup will also be pushed to the remote share server indicated in the Backup Push section of Database Maintenance and can be accessed there as needed.

Click 'Start Run' to begin DB backup


When you click "Start Run," the backup will begin and will output progress logs at the bottom of the Database Maintenance page. These logs will indicate when the backup process has completed by outputting "Backup/Purge Complete," and will alert you to any errors that might occur during the backup progress. For example, if your remote share is misconfigured, you may encounter a message such as "NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED," which would indicate that the listed user account does not have the correct permissions to write the backup to the remote share (Full Control access—both file share and NTFS permissions—must be granted to the user for the directory).

Database Maintenance Logs


When the backup is completed, it will appear in the Backups section of the Database Maintenance page. You can click either the "Download Latest Complete Backup" link to download the latest backup to your computer, or download a specific database backup by selecting and clicking its corresponding link.

DB Backup Download Links

 database_maintenance_link.png (21.42 KB)
 db_backup_start_run.png (76.10 KB)
 db_maintenance_logs.png (53.10 KB)
 database_backups_download.png (23.33 KB)
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