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8.6.6 Released
Posted by Chris Cooper on 20 March 2015 03:32 PM

A new build of 8.6 is now available.

Version 8.6.6 - Friday, March 20, 2015

  • New Feature: 0007324: Significantly improved the memory profile of the content filter.
  • 0007415: Increased the default DHCP lease time to 10 days.
  • 0007405: Corrected a minor typo in the portal SSL guide.
  • 0007237: Corrected an issue with DNS resolution which could lead to premature hot-spare fail-over.
  • New Feature: 0006599: Added a virus detection report to the beta web reporting feature.
  • 0007325: Google OAuth directory authentication now excludes group members whose e-mail addresses are not on the configured Google Apps domain.
  • 0007415: Added place-holders showing the default values on the DHCP Server page's Advanced Configuration tab.
  • 0007396: Corrected a minor file-handling issue on the Log Viewer page.
  • 0007475: Updated Web-interface and portal SSL configuration to mitigate 'FREAK' vulnerability (CVE-2015-0204).
  • New Feature: 0007429: Added Enhanced Safe Search and logging support for Wikipedia, Tumblr, Imgur, and (partially) Pinterest.
  • 0007511: Updated software packages to mitigate several minor OpenSSL vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-0209, et al.)
  • 0007479: The Web-interface news feed now includes blog entries from the Cipafilter website.
  • 0007422: The main Web-interface header now links to the Status page.
  • 0007186: Improved the performance of regular-expression matching in the content filter.
  • 0007344: Improved handling of access tokens for the Google OAuth directory back-end.
  • New Feature: 0007429: Added full Safe Search Enforcement and logging support for Flickr.
  • 0007444: Corrected an issue with IPv6 automatic address assignment which could interfere with DNS resolution and mail delivery.
  • 0007324: Decryption connections between clients...
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8.4.2 Released
Posted by Chris Cooper on 08 July 2014 10:47 AM

A new build of 8.4 is now available.

Version 8.4.2 - Wednesday, July 2, 2014

  • Corrected an issue which could cause the filter to ignore the user-specified DNS settings when an interface is configured via DHCP.
  • Improved validation of times on the Web UI.
  • Improved validation of IP addresses on the Web UI.
  • Improved field validation on the DHCP Server page.
  • New Feature: Added many enhancements to the beta Web reporting system, including file export.
  • Corrected an issue which could prevent the DHCP server from functioning properly when the lease range is entirely occupied by static leases.
  • Updated Live Bandwidth Reports to open in a new browser tab per customer feedback.

8.4 users may upgrade by visiting the Firmware Updates page and clicking FIRMWARE UPGRADE.

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Version 8.2 Release Notes
Posted by Adam Smith on 09 September 2013 09:51 AM

Introduction To CIPAFilter Version 8.2


We are pleased to announce the release of 8.2. In the interest of continuing expansion upon our new Version 8 platform, we have introduced new features and a few improvements on existing features.


Network Load Balancing, Fail-Over, and Multi-Gateway Routing

Multi-gateway routing allows customers to specify the default gateway on a per-interface basis. Traffic leaving those interfaces will be routed accordingly. Load balancing allows customers to divide traffic between specified interfaces, based on either the source (internal address) or the destination (external address). It is possible to statically specify routes based on source address or subnet. The CIPAFilter will also automatically fail over from one gateway to another in the event of an ISP outage.


Custom Portal Domain and Certificate

In 8.2, customers may provide their own certificate for the portal, which allows them not only to change the web address for branding purposes but also to eliminate the need for clients to trust the root CA (as the certificate can be signed by an already-trusted public CA).


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Version 8 - Release Notes
Posted by Adam Smith on 11 July 2013 02:36 PM

Introduction To CIPAFilter Version 8.0


Designed primarily with the needs of schools and libraries in mind, CIPAFilter is a unified threat management (UTM) solution which combines routing, firewall, access control, VPN, anti-virus, anti-spam, reporting, and Web-filtering into a single managed, low-cost, and easy-to-use product.

The latest revision to the CIPAFilter platform, version 8.0, represents the most ambitious update yet, incorporating enhancements to nearly every aspect of the product and adding several compelling new features, including SSL/HTTPS decryption, Google Apps domain restriction, and a captive portal system.

This document serves as a brief introduction to the new features in CIPAFilter version 8.0.

Interface and Usability

Perhaps the most readily visible improvement for administrators is the updated configuration interface, which incorporates many customer feature requests. These include an updated appearance, table column sorting, drag-and-drop re-ordering, a "quick list" for easier navigation, and several aesthetic improvements....
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