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Introducing Cipafilter 11.0
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 13 March 2019 12:26 PM

Our team is excited to release the latest version of Cipafilter!  We've worked hard to bring you the best in filtering and firewall technology.

Multiple Google OAuth domains

We've navigated the ever changing Google landscape to bring you support for multiple Google OAuth domains.  If you have or want separate Google Apps domains for your teachers and students, now is the time to contact support to set up this new feature.

Upgrade automation

Opt in to automatic beta firmware upgrades from your Cipafilter interface.  Firmware upgrades are now faster and safer, and incur less downtime.  Don't miss out on the latest features, fixes, and updates for your Cipafilter.  Sign up now for the opportunity to earn Cipafilter Rewards towards your next hardware purchase.

Trouble-alert notifications

The health of your appliance is paramount to keeping your network running smoothly, and you don't always have time to log in every day to check.  We've introduced a new notification called Trouble Alerts — in the event that your Cipafilter detects an issue during one of its routine health checks, you can now have it send an e-mail to you (or your ticketing system).

New hardware support

We are pleased to announce the release of new hardware for purchase or lease.  We've updated the existing CF350 models and released an all new CF450, so if you've upgraded your bandwidth or are considering doing so, now is a great time to look at new hardware options.  We are also introducing a new, smaller unit for organizations with lower bandwidth needs and fewer...
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New Telephone System
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 04 January 2019 12:48 PM
We changed to a new telephone system right before the holidays. It was on the evening of Friday, December 14. We were hoping for a seamless transition. It seems to have happened.

With the new system in place, we are going to begin taking advantage of some of its features. However, with a new system and new features, come changes to some old habits. To dial support, instead of selecting extension 300, please choose option 2 from the auto-attendant menu. This small change is simply due to how the system handles day/night/holiday greetings on the support mailbox.

One small change for now... Nothing else has changed...

Move along...

Warm Regards,

Your Cipafilter Team
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We are quietly introducing Cipafilter Version 10.2
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 12 September 2018 12:23 PM

Over the summer, we have been quietly rolling out Version 10.2. We have improved the performance of Web Reporting, improved the accuracy of Application Control and Bandwidth Control, implemented an Image License Restriction feature, and made firmware upgrades faster and more reliable. Please take a look at the Cipafilter 10.2 overview.

How do I get the new version?

Like always, you can call our awesome support team and they will be more than happy to start the upgrade process with you.

    Please note: Version 10.x firmware requires a minimum of 4G of RAM in your Cipafilter unit. Version 10.2 requires an 8 or 16G USB thumb drive for the boot device.

For your convenience, we're offering to send you a pre-configured 16G USB thumb drive with the latest firmware version and all your unit's settings for a one-time fee of $50. Cut out the hassle and down time, and let the Cipafilter team handle your upgrade for you.

Warm Regards,

Your Cipafilter Team
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We have acquired some new IP addresses.  If you have IP restrictions in your firewall for our support team, please update the access lists in your firewall to allow our support team to access your Cipafilter.

Following are the addresses our team will use:

  • - New

For customers using us as your primary firewall or those that do not have additional IP restrictions in place, your filter has been updated automatically.  You do not need to do anything further.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our support team.
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Introducing Cipafilter 9.4
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 03 May 2017 11:03 AM

We are happy to announce version 9.4 of our device firmware. With this latest iteration, we’ve focused on improving InSite™ reporting, enhancing our next-generation firewall capabilities, improving our notifications options, and adding the ability to create management users.

Content preview for YouTube Videos

Just like you can’t judge a book by its cover, you can’t always determine the content of a YouTube video based solely on its title. To help you understand what your students are watching, hits for YouTube videos in InSite™ Reports now provide you the option to play the video in-line. No need to open a new browser window and copy/paste the video’s URL. Just click the YouTube icon, and a small window will pop up and play the video. You can watch the exact videos your students have without ever leaving InSite™.

InSite with YouTube video

Next-Gen Firewall Enhancements

In 9.4, We’ve expanded the capabilities of our next-generation firewall to include Application Control, which extends our advanced DPI functionality to non-web traffic. In practice, this means you can block protocols such as DNS, FTP, or RDP, as well as services like Facebook, Netflix, or Skype. Additionally, we’ve added port forwarding and firewall hit counters, letting you know how many times configured rules have been triggered.

Improved Notifications

We made...
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Did You Know...
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 15 March 2017 10:01 AM

From time to time we will be highlighting Knowledge Base articles that we hope you will find helpful.

Current Article

Did you know that you can update the firmware on your Cipafilter?  Please view the following Knowledge Base article:  Updating Cipafilter Firmware from the Web Interface.

Past Articles

Did you know that regularly updating the recovery partitions on the Cipafilter may one day save the day?  Please view the following Knowledge Base article:  Updating Recovery Partition(s).

Did you know that Cipafilter now supports L2TP/IPSec?  Please view the following Knowledge Base articles:

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