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Introducing Cipafilter 9.0
Posted by Andrew Derbyshire on 05 July 2016 01:10 PM

Cipafilter Version 9.0


Cipafilter is proud to announce version 9.0 of our device firmware! With the latest release we are bringing improved efficiency and heightened accountability. We focused on two crucial areas: improving your network, and creating a better user experience for students, teachers, and administrators alike.


Advanced Bandwidth Control

Teaching children is the top priority of any school, let Cipafilter’s Advanced Bandwidth Control ensure it stays that way in your school. Advanced Bandwidth Control allows you to finally prioritize the most important traffic, and make sure students stay on task. Cipafilter allows you to prioritize traffic by subnet, group, domain, port, and application layer. Not only will your network run smoother and more efficiently, your students can focus on what is actually important. You can prioritize state testing by giving it critical priority to ensure absolute uptime during one of the most stressful times of year. Communication is critical, prioritize VoIP traffic to ensure your IP phone conversations come through crystal clear. Advanced Bandwidth Control gives you the ability to keep your network running efficiently and your students learning without distractions.


Web Reporting Enhancements

Use Cipafilter’s latest web reporting enhancements to see relevant, useful information, quickly. Establish more user accountability with the following enhancements:


  • InSite™ reports give you page titles to create a “browser history” view of user’s browsing habits. See if a YouTube video is on-task research or an off-task disruption to the learning environment.
  • Use our Report Card to view top sites visited, recent searches, and other high-level activity overview for administrators and parents. Print them out to send home!
  • Exclude filter functionality allows you to see data you actually need. Get rid of CDNs, ad sites, Facebook and Twitter plugins, and cookie trackers from your reports. See the browsing habits of users in a clear and concise manner.


Firewall Rules by Group

Cipafilter’s Firewall by Group functionality gives you greater control of your network. Increase efficiency by allowing access to VPNs for teachers and other staff, but blocking access to students. If you want to utilize all the advantages of Skype for your staff, but limit students - now you can. Cipafilter’s flexible firewall and easy configuration will keep your network and students safe.


Performance Improvements

Your network is more complex and your school has just upgraded their bandwidth capabilities, meaning more stress on your firewall and content filter. Cipafilter’s 9.0 firmware addresses these concerns with many backend performance improvements, such as local directory caching (reducing LDAP server load) and reduced portal and client-induced filter load. We understand our efficiency is your efficiency.

Other Features

  • A new automatic blacklist for malware has been added.
  • Cipafilter's authentication system now tracks the source of all user authentication requests, providing enhanced troubleshooting and supervisory capabilities.
  • Google Directory and OAuth portal front-end integration have been improved.
  • A new automatic diagnostic has been added to the Network Diagnostics page.
  • Other minor fixes and improvements to existing feature functionality.

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