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Version 8.2 Release Notes
Posted by Adam Smith on 09 September 2013 09:51 AM

Introduction To CIPAFilter Version 8.2


We are pleased to announce the release of 8.2. In the interest of continuing expansion upon our new Version 8 platform, we have introduced new features and a few improvements on existing features.


Network Load Balancing, Fail-Over, and Multi-Gateway Routing

Multi-gateway routing allows customers to specify the default gateway on a per-interface basis. Traffic leaving those interfaces will be routed accordingly. Load balancing allows customers to divide traffic between specified interfaces, based on either the source (internal address) or the destination (external address). It is possible to statically specify routes based on source address or subnet. The CIPAFilter will also automatically fail over from one gateway to another in the event of an ISP outage.


Custom Portal Domain and Certificate

In 8.2, customers may provide their own certificate for the portal, which allows them not only to change the web address for branding purposes but also to eliminate the need for clients to trust the root CA (as the certificate can be signed by an already-trusted public CA).


Custom Portal Authentication Time-Out

Previously, the portal had a hard-coded time-out period of 12 hours—that is, users who authenticate to the portal will remain authenticated until 12 hours has passed. Starting with 8.2, this is now adjustable and can be set to any value from the Web interface.


Proxy SNAT

In versions prior to 8.2, connections intercepted by the content filter will appear to the destination as though they are coming from the filter itself. 8.2 introduces proxy SNAT, which forwards the connections in a manner which preserves the clients' (source) addresses. This is beneficial for up-stream load balancing and similar applications.


Web UI Improvements

8.2 introduces numerous improvements to the Web Interface:

  1. A Status page has been added which provides information about the state of the filter and its hardware.
  2. The layout of the Group Permissions page has been streamlined.
  3. It is now possible to add comments to Group Permissions groups and to all entries on the Anti-Spam page.
  4. Additional minor enhancements have been made to the styling of the interface.

Contact Tech Support to schedule an upgrade ( This will require an upgrade to 8.0 first if you haven't initially done so. Feedback is also always welcome!

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