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Introducing Cipafilter 9.2
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 06 December 2016 10:51 AM

We are happy to announce the latest version of our device firmware, Cipafilter 9.2. With this release we have focused on bringing you more advanced support for VPN, improved network monitoring capabilities, and new features like suspicious search term management that will help you more precisely control what content your students can access.

Live Status Dashboard

Live Status Dashboard

You have a lot of demand on your network, and being able to monitor traffic in real time can go a long way toward understanding those demands. For that reason, we've developed our Live Status Dashboard, where you can easily view live information in clear and concise charts and graphs to assess network usage.

  • Live scrolling displays current information and up to the last ten minutes of network activity so you can quickly appraise the health of your network.

  • An easy to read Line graph allows you to see bandwidth control in action, so that you can see that critical traffic is prioritized at a glance.

  • Live InSite™ report feed puts user monitoring on the same page as network monitoring for an easy to understand bird's eye view.

Improvements to VPN

We’ve heard your demands for improved VPN functionality, and we’ve answered the call by developing robust features you need for VPN enabled networking.

  • We’re expanding our support for the latest iOS and Chromebook devices using L2TP/IPSec VPN. These devices are seeing more frequent use by K-12 teachers and administrators, and Cipafilter ensures this equipment can access the network from anywhere.

  • We’ve improved VPN security features with the latest standards in next-gen encryption, so there is no need to worry whether you’re connecting site-to-site or working remotely.

Suspicious search term management

Suspicious Search Terms

Use Cipafilter's suspicious search term feature to understand what students are searching for; now you can ascertain if students are conducting legitimate research, and monitor for potentially harmful searches, including hate speech, violence, self-harm, or bullying.

  • No two schools are the same, so customization is key. You can create a list of terms catering specifically to your student body, and edit this list as needed to ensure that your students can reach the information they need, while alerting you to potentially inappropriate or dangerous searches.

  • When triggered by a suspicious search term, Cipafilter logs the action. This will not interfere with legitimate research, but should the student attempt navigating to an inappropriate or threatening site, Cipafilter will block that content.

  • You can generate a report of logged suspicious searches. When combined with InSite™ reports, you get a clear picture of the student's search history and surfing habits that is easy to share with non-technical parents or administrators should further actions be necessary.

Other features

  • We’ve expanded our ISP grade bandwidth control so that it applies to more types of traffic, including devices and sites that are not being actively filtered.

  • We've also extended permissions scheduling to include firewall and bandwidth control, giving you greater granularity in regards to how you control your network. Of course, you're still able to configure web filtering to work for groups or subnets at specific times, which gives you powerful control over what content students can view and when.

  • Websocket support for filtering and reporting, allowing for improved compatibility with the latest instant messaging, multimedia chat, and videoconferencing platforms.

  • We’ve refined control of whitelist management, so that you can temporarily open domains for individuals or groups. You can also include an optional comment with the record, noting why you whitelisted the particular site.

Request an upgrade

To ensure that the transition to 9.2 goes as smoothly as possible, we will be rolling out upgrades in waves. Contact Cipafilter Support today to request a firmware upgrade date and take advantage of these new features.


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