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Oops - We made a mistake!
Posted by Jim Giseburt on 06 June 2019 05:34 PM
Oops...  You may have received an email invitation to our new customer self service portal.  The only thing is, it is not ready.  We ran a test to see about importing your old tickets into the new system.  This test inadvertently sent each of you an invitation to use the new system.

Please be advised that we have not implemented this new system as of now.  It is still in the testing phase.  The new system is not being monitored by our support team and all tickets submitted to the new system will not be addressed.  We apologize for any difficulties that this error may have caused you.

For the time being, please continue to call support, email, or access our current portal at

Move along...

But, the cat is kinda out of the bag... we will be transitioning to a new system in the very near future.

Stay tuned!

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