A new version for a new year, Cipafilter version 12 is here!

A new version for a new year, Cipafilter version 12 is here!

It's a new year, and we have a new version of firmware ready for you! Contact Cipafilter support today to request a firmware upgrade and take advantage of our new features.

IMPORTANT NOTE - Updated Google OAuth Integration

Version 12 of our firmware makes it easier than ever to integrate Google OAuth and ensures we are compatible with the coming changes. This is due in part because Google is deprecating service user accounts and streamlining their OAuth integration.

Users with multiple G Suite domains will need to have some configuration done after the upgrade to ensure authentication for secondary domains continues. Additionally, users who have integrated into Google's OAuth without setting up a portal domain will also need to have some manual configuration done to continue authentication with the Cipafilter. Since we do not know when Google will be sun-setting service accounts, we would highly recommend upgrading.

To recap:

• If multiple OAuth domains are in use, whichever domain has the portal set up should still work after the upgrade. Secondary domains will need to be set up again.

• If a single OAuth domain is in use and the portal is configured, nothing should need to be done after the upgrade.

• If a single OAuth domain is in use without the portal, the domain will need to be set up again.

If you have any questions, please contact Cipafilter support.

Automatic-upgrade Notification Improvements

Automatic-upgrade e-mail notifications have been integrated into the Notifications page, allowing administrators to alert your infrastructure team once upgrades have been completed.

Configuration Snapshots

Historical configuration snapshots are now listed on the Config Save/Restore page. These can be downloaded as files, or the filter can be rolled back directly to an earlier state.

Banking SSL Exceptions

An automatic 'do not decrypt' list for banking sites has been added, to assist in making the transition to decrypting SSL as smooth as possible.

Updated SSL Certificate Installation Guides

The guides to install a Cipafilter's root certificate have been updated to reflect the latest software versions for each platform. Each guide has been clarified to make certificate installations clearer. A new guide has been added for Google G Suite (Admin console).

Contact us to get your appointment scheduled, we'll be happy to get your Cipafilter upgraded!

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