Distribute The Cipafilter Authenticator To Your Chrome Users

Distribute The Cipafilter Authenticator To Your Chrome Users

MPORTANT: Please note that this will distribute the Cipafilter Authenticator to ALL of your managed Chrome browsers and devices.

Log in to your Google admin console. Select the Device management icon.

From here, select Chrome.  (May also be located within Chrome Management, on the menu to the left)

On the Chrome Management page, click on Advance Setting at the bottom.

You will be on the User Settings tab. Scroll down to the Apps and Extensions section, and then go to Pre-installed Apps and Extensions subsection. Look for the Manage pre-installed apps link and click on it. 

A window will pop-up. Click on the Chrome Web Store button.

All the other app sources will become hidden and you'll have a field under the Chrome Web Store button. Type Cipafilter Authenticator in the field. You'll see the Cipafilter Authenticator in the list below the field. Click on the Add link.

You'll now see on the right-hand side of this window that the Cipafilter Authenticator is listed. Click on the Save button.

This will complete your client installation.

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