IPSec VPN Compatibility

IPSec VPN Compatibility

The CIPAFilter utilizes IPSec for VPN connections between other CIPAFilter units. Please note that we do not offer support for VPN tunnels between CIPAFilters and 3rd party products, owing to the complexity and variations in IPSec between products.


Some of our customers have had limited success creating IPSec tunnels with additional products on their own by using the following settings:


Phase 1
Exchange Mode Main 
Nat Traversal Enabled
Dead Peer Detection Enabled
Encryption Algorithm 3DES
Hash Algorithm MD5
Authentication Method Preshared Key
Perfect Forward Secrecy DH Group 2 (1024-bit)
Lifetime 28800 Seconds










Phase 2
Perfect Forward Secrecy DH Group 1 (768-bit)
Encryption Algorithm 3DES or AES
Authentication Algorithm     hmac_md5 or hmac_sha1
Compression deflate
Lifetime 21600 Seconds











For more information about establishing a VPN connection with your Cipafilter: VPN Manual Page

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