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This page contains the latest Cipafilter authentication clients and their options.

Client Settings

This section contains options that apply to any supported authentication clients connected through the filter.  The filter will report these settings to the clients and they will alter their behavior accordingly.

  • Hide icon from tray or menu bar — By default, the client software for Windows and OS X shows an icon in the tray or menu bar (respectively) indicating the software's presence and providing some additional options and status information.  The display of this icon does not pose any particular security risks, but some administrators may wish to disable it anyway.

  • Prompt for root certificate installation — When a root certificate authority has been generated via the Web Filtering page, the Windows and OS X clients will check the local machine for the filter's certificate and prompt to install it if it is not already present.  Administrators who are not using or not ready to fully deploy SSL decryption may wish to disable this behavior.

Client Downloads

The authentication client is supplied for both Microsoft Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OS X.  The Windows client is provided in the form of a silent MSI installer and is designed to be automatically distributed.  The Mac client is similarly provided as an MPKG, which can be silently deployed using Apple Remote Desktop or similar.  A client suitable for Chromebooks and Chrome-based browsers is also available in the form of the Cipafilter Authenticator browser extension.  If you are considering employing this software in your environment, please consult with tech support for advice on deployment scenarios.

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