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Manual - Database Maintenance

This page is where management and backup of the Cipafilter database is performed.  From here you can configure your purge windows, examine the latest backup log, download a backup, or configure backups to be pushed to a remote server.

A Cipafilter's database is separate from its configuration data and includes the following:
  • Bandwidth reporting data — Information about bandwidth utilization (interfaces, IP addresses, user and group IDs, packet counts, protocols, etc.) over time.

  • Client data — Information about devices using the Cipafilter authentication client.

  • Web reporting data — Information about Internet usage (IP addresses, user and group IDs, URLs, searches, blacklist trips, etc.) over time.

The database backup and purge process runs automatically every Saturday at 2:30 AM.  It can also be run manually at any time by clicking Start Run.  Progress can be monitored by refreshing the page and viewing the log.  Backup and purge applies only to the database stored locally on the router.  The remote database is not affected by these settings in any way.  If the remote database server is not a Cipafilter, the customer is responsible for implementing backup and purge.

If restoration of the database after failure is important for your implementation, the following responsibilities are incurred by you (the customer).  Please consult with tech support to determine a sensible test and backup procedure that meets your requirements.
  • Check this page weekly for anomalies in the backup/purge log.

  • Periodically download database backups for use in recovery in the case of a mirror failure.

  • Periodically test the backup by restoring a copy to a PostgreSQL server.

Warning:  Increasing purge windows will increase load, database size, and backup size.

Backup Push

Under this section, the unit can be configured to upload a copy of the database back-up it creates each week.  The back-up file is transferred to a Windows (CIFS/SMB) file share immediately after the back-up process has completed on Saturday morning.  Use of this feature is highly recommended in order to prevent data loss in the case of catastrophic failure of the unit.

The user name for the Backup Push function can optionally be specified using domain\username syntax.  The domain may be mandatory in some configurations.

The Test Settings button can be used to verify that your back-up settings are valid;  the test function will attempt to create and delete a file using the supplied configuration, and then report back the result.

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