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Manual - Intrusion Prevention

Cipafilter includes an intrusion-prevention system (IPS) which is designed to detect and/or block attempts to probe or break through the device's security.

IPS Whitelist

By default, when the IPS detects suspicious events (such as repeated authentication failures), it temporarily "bans" the associated IP address to prevent it from interacting with the filter or the network it protects.  The IPS Whitelist provides a way to exempt certain subnets from the banning process — IPs matching this list will never be banned, no matter how many suspicious events they generate.  It may be useful to whitelist subnets associated with, for example, remote sites or auditing firms.
To prevent erroneous bans from disrupting the smooth operation of the filter, some IP addresses are automatically whitelisted.  These include all "private network" (RFC 1918) subnets, the filter's own IP addresses, and a small number of subnets associated with Cipafilter services.

Administrative Access Control

Administrative Access Control is a security feature related to IPS which prevents hosts coming through the device's public-facing (external) network interfaces from accessing administrative services like SSH and Web management.  A whitelist is provided to exempt trusted subnets from this block — only addresses matching this whitelist will be allowed through when the feature is enabled.  Internal interfaces are not affected.

As with the IPS system proper, some subnets, including those associated with Cipafilter services, are automatically whitelisted when this feature is enabled.

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