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Your Cipafilter has the capability to automatically send an e-mail alert in response to certain events, including filter blacklist trips, virus incidents, and hardware failures.  In addition, it can be configured to send daily and/or weekly PDF reports detailing user activity over the relevant period.

In order for the filter to send e-mail, it must be configured to connect to an SMTP service, such as that provided by Gmail or your local Exchange server.  This configuration can be performed via the Mail Configuration tab — your mail administrator can provide all of the necessary account details.

Notifications can be configured for different e-mail addresses on the Notifications tab.  It is strongly recommended that at least one address be designated a System Administrator, in order to receive critical failure alerts.

It is possible to create custom daily/weekly digest reports to augment the pre-defined reports.  Custom reports may be difficult for end users to write, since they require knowledge of SQL and the filter's database structure — please contact Cipafilter support for assistance creating these.

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