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Manual - Troubleshooting

The Troubleshooting page runs diagnostics on the Cipafilter and reports back the results.  Each test returns one of the following results:

  • OK (green):  The test returned a passing/positive result — the tested function is behaving as expected.

  • CAUTION (yellow):  The test returned a non-critical failing/negative result.  This may indicate a minor problem, although in some cases it is simply a way to draw attention to configuration details which tech support may need to take into account during troubleshooting.

  • WARNING (red):  The test returned a critical failing/negative result.  This usually indicates a problem that should be addressed as soon as possible.  Accordingly, any tests with a WARNING result will also appear under the Trouble notices header at the top of the Web interface.  If any such notices appear, please contact tech support.

  • N/A (gray):  The test was not performed, either because an earlier test that it depended on failed or because the test is not applicable to the unit's configuration.  If there are no WARNING notices elsewhere on the page, this is usually OK.

In addition to performing the tests whenever the page is accessed from the Web interface, the Cipafilter runs the same tests on an hourly basis to maintain up-to-date results.  These results are reported to the Cipafilter Enterprise system, which enables tech support to monitor trending problems.

Further, each unit periodically queries the Cipafilter servers to pull the latest revision of the page.  This allows tech support to identify new problems without requiring customers to perform a full update of their Cipafilter units.

Many of the tests on this page are designed with the most typical Cipafilter setups in mind.  Accordingly, highly customized installations may return failing results when there is not actually a problem.  In this scenario, it is possible to suppress errant warnings — please contact tech support for assistance.

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