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Manual - UPS Configuration

Cipafilter firmware supports enhanced integration with UPSes connected via USB.  The UPS Configuration page provides configuration and status information related to this feature.

By default, filters connected to a compatible power supply are configured to shut down automatically when the power has been lost.  This allows the filter to finish writing out any configuration and database changes and to cleanly unmount any attached file systems.  Without this feature, if the power is lost and the battery dies, the filter may experience data loss.

If this feature is somehow incompatible with your hardware set-up, you may disable it by unchecking Shut down safely when power is lost and a supported UPS is present.

The UPS Status section of this page displays information about any attached and supported UPSes.  If no UPS is connected, or if it is incompatible with the Cipafilter firmware, a message will indicate this here.

It may be wise to visit this page after any changes are made to the system's power supply set-up, in order to ensure that the filter has detected the new configuration.
Note:  At this time, only locally connected power supplies from major manufacturers are officially supported.  If you have a UPS which doesn't function with the filter, please contact technical support for investigation.

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