Providing Access to the Cipafilter for the Support Team

Providing Access to the Cipafilter for the Support Team

This article is relevant for users on version 9.0 and above.


If the Cipafilter is installed behind an existing firewall, access to the Cipafilter will need to be provided for our support team.  


In the firewall:

Step 1. Allow TCP port 22 (SSH), TCP port 443 (HTTPS), and TCP port 6226 (web proxy) inbound from the following Cipafilter subnets to the Cipafilter:

        1. - Primary Subnet

        2. - Secondary Subnet

Note: If user devices will be filtered when off-site, please allow TCP port 6226 to be accessed from the world.  This is the default proxy port used for remote filtering.

Step 2. Configure a port forward from a public IP address to the private IP address of the Cipafilter using the previously specified ports.

Step 3. Please allow all outbound traffic from the Cipafilter.

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